Lisa Medina is able to provide educational talks within her scope of practice for 1 to 2 hours and can include an individualized slide deck.  This is typically offered to students in educational settings or through CEU events, Q&A included.  

Past lecture topics have included:

  • Harm Reduction 101: Just the Basics 
  • Harm Reduction Counseling for Substance Use Disorders 
  • Harm Reduction Principles in the Treatment of Substance Use Disorders
  • Harm Reduction and Recovery
  • Harm Reduction for Substance Use: Adolescent Risk Factors & Facts
  • Creating Balance and Wellness: Taking Care of the Mental, Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Self
  • The Holiday Blues
  • Trauma and Substance Use Disorders
  • The Mind Body Connection: Mental Health, HIV, Aging, and Wellness

Lisa Medina, MA, LCDC, EMDR trained
Lisa Medina, MA, LCDC, EMDR trained


Lisa Medina can provide interactive training on topics within her scope of practice that can range from two (2) to eight (8) hours and would include individualized slide decks.  In these workshops, participants will carry out various training activities, to include small group discussion, role playing, and large group processing.  There is a dedicated amount of preparation time in assessing the organization's needs in order to craft a customized workshop. 

Past workshops have included:

  • The Sobering Center’s Staff Training
  • Harm Reduction 101: Training and Application
  • Integral Care’s Dynamic Development Day
  • Advanced Harm Reduction: Skill Development and Practical Application Across Clinical Settings

Closed workshop for clinicians:

  • Harm Reduction Psychotherapy 101
  • Stop (Unintentionally) Shaming Your Clients: Changing Language Using Radical Compassion 


Consultation Services

Lisa Medina can meet with professionals and/or organizations to assist in organizational assessment for professional development, to include: 

  • Policy [re]writing
  • Strategic planning
  • Business plans 
  • Staff training and coaching
  • Organizational training materials 
  • Volunteer manuals

Lisa Medina | Workshops | Consulting
Lisa Medina | Workshops | Consulting